Publishing Ethics

The Journal of Engineering and Technical Sciences publishes original scientific research. The journal adheres to the principles of the Code of Publication Ethics and the ethical code is classified within the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE: Committee on Publication Ethics).

Journal Responsibility

Publishing decision: The editor-in-chief is responsible for the publishing and printing decision, after consulting with the managing editor, and after receiving the results of the arbitration.

Integrity and Credibility: The journal upholds integrity and credibility in its publishing procedures. It ensures that the arbitration process remains unbiased and evaluates the content of every submitted article, irrespective of the author’s gender, origin, religious belief, citizenship, or political affiliation. Additionally, the journal pledges not to utilize or gain from unpublished research results without proper authorization from the original author.

Confidentiality: The journal ensures the privacy and confidentiality of author information throughout the entire process – from initial receipt of the research, through peer review, publication approval, and even after publication.

The journal prioritizes scientific originality and respects literary property rights. It strictly prohibits unethical practices such as article theft or illegal reproduction. The journal emphasizes transparent and fair peer review procedures, ensuring privacy for both reviewers and authors while maintaining publication quality.

Responsibility of the arbitrator/reviewer:

Adherence to deadlines: The arbitrator must evaluate the research sent to him on the specified dates, and if this is not possible after conducting the preliminary study of the research, he must inform the editor-in-chief that the research topic is outside the scope of the arbitrator’s specialty.

Collaboration and Communication: Reviewers offer constructive and valuable feedback to enhance the submitted research. They also respond positively to inquiries.

Confidentiality and accuracy: The reviewer must commit to confidentiality, accuracy, and objectivity, and provide the journal with a detailed report on whether the research is valid or not.

Researcher's Responsibility:

Before sending the research for publication in the scientific journal, the researcher has responsibilities that must be carried out, including:

  • Emphasize the originality of the submitted research and avoid second-hand copies.
  • Do not include the name of an individual who did not contribute to the research, and ensure that the roles of all participating researchers or assistants are acknowledged without marginalization in the published work.
  • The research is formatted and written in a good and clear manner, and the attached files are of high quality.
  • Avoid disclosing the research or its content to third parties, and take full responsibility for all written material in the submitted research paper.
  • Complete and cover all the required parts of the submitted research, which are:
  • Research title.
  • Research Objectives.
  • Research problem.
  • Research Display.
  • Sources and references