About the Journal

The Journal of Arts is a scholarly periodical subject to peer review, with its inaugural issue, issue zero, published in the year 2001 AD. This journal is published by the Faculty of Arts at Thamar University, located in the Republic of Yemen. It serves as a platform for the dissemination of original studies and research contributions, accepting work from scholars both within and outside of Yemen. The Journal accepts submissions in three languages: Arabic, English, and French. Its primary focus lies within the domain of the humanities, encompassing disciplines such as Sharia sciences, law, archaeology, history, geography, social studies, philosophy, administrative sciences, as well as libraries and information studies. The Journal of Arts adheres to a rigorous publication schedule, releasing four issues annually, each published in the months of March, June, September, and December. These issues hold the following international standard numbers:

- ISSN: 2616-5864

- EISSN: 2707-5192

- Local numbering: 2018-551

- DOI: https://doi.org/10.35696/1915

For more information, inquiries, and correspondence, kindly contact us at the following email address: artsjournal@tu.edu.ye.