A Doctrine Study of the Concept of Nation in the Holy Quran


  • Abdulrahman Abdul Rahim Abdullah Al-Qurashi




Reference of nation, The Holy Quran, Dogma, Islam


This paper discusses the concept of 'the nation of Islam' in the Holy Quran and the characteristics and features given to it by Allah. It aims to identify and define the concept of nation (Ummah) and its meanings in Quran, its features and characteristics. It also refers to the previous nations and the causes behind their collapse. Then, it is followed by review of the most important Islamic doctrine, the intellectual and the behavioral issues and reasons of their annihilation. The paper handles the factors of salvation especially through submission to Allah and His messenger, the unity of the nation, discarding disagreement and conflict as well as the necessity to obey those who are in authority as stated by Quran. The researcher combines the inductive and the analytical approaches, and reaches the following most important findings: the word nation (UMAH) has been mentioned in the Holy Quran several times with several meanings, including unity; as well as the features and characteristics given by Allah to the nation of Islam including the title of the best of all nations; The Quran warns from declaring people as disbelievers without right. It stresses on the danger of fanaticism, and the calls in many verses for the unity of nation warning from fragmentation. The researcher recommends objective study of the Holy Quran. The researcher also urges preachers, scholars and students of religion to highlight the greatness of the Islamic nation and its superiority over other nations by conducting lectures and symposiums on explanation of the Holy Quran.


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Al-Qurashi, . A. A. R. A. . (2018). A Doctrine Study of the Concept of Nation in the Holy Quran . Journal of Arts, 1(9), 265–290. https://doi.org/10.35696/.v1i9.544




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