The First Homeland of Sabaeans: A Critical Historical Study in the Light of Modern Archaeological Discoveries


  • Aref Ahmed Ismail Al-Mekhlafi



The home of the first Sabeans, Archaeological discoveries, Historical study


Researchers disagreed on the first place of the Sabaeans, as some of them regarded their native homeland to the southern Arabian Peninsula, while others believed that they emigrated to it from another area. This study deals with all these controversies, and explained all the various views impartiality and methodology based on the archeological traces, transcripts and new discoveries. It has also drawn its results based on the missions' reports exploring monuments in Yemen, especially to Marib and its geographic surrounding areas. This was able to lead us to answer the most important question, where was the original homeland of the Sabaeans?. Therefore; the researcher followed the historical analytical method, and the historical criticism for interpreting the data in a neutral historical context, away from projections, or imagined history. The main findings of the research show that the first place of the Sabaeans was the southern Arabian Peninsula (Yemen). Their culture and experience did not require any external migration to be developed. The study also found that there was no scientific or methodological basis for the hypotheses that Sabaeans' were of external origin, especially the hypotheses that emerged after the end of the so-called "cultural gap", and after the discovery of the Bronze Age in Yemen, which was missing until the early 1980s.


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Al-Mekhlafi, . A. A. I. . (2019). The First Homeland of Sabaeans: A Critical Historical Study in the Light of Modern Archaeological Discoveries. Journal of Arts, 1(13).




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