About the Journal

The Scientific Journal of the College of Education is a semi-annual peer-reviewed scientific journal, the first issue of which was published in June 2006. It is issued by the College of Education, Dhamar University, Republic of Yemen. It publishes original studies and research for researchers and interested people from inside and outside Yemen, in both languages: Arabic and English. It specializes in publishing research in the humanities and scientific sciences such as: Islamic studies, Sharia sciences, law, history, geography, social studies, archaeology, philosophy, philology, administrative sciences, libraries and information. Scientific issues, such as: mathematics, physics, chemistry, and life sciences, are issued regularly on a specific date every six months. Two numbers each year, distributed over the first half of June and the second half of December of each year, bearing the following standard numbers:

ISSN:2617- 4294.


Local number: 129/2006

- The Scientific Journal of the College of Education publishes original human and scientific studies and research for academic researchers and interested parties from all Arab and foreign universities in both Arabic and English, in accordance with the terms of the license.

Attribution 4.0 International CC BY 4.0

The Scientific Journal of the College of Education, Dhamar University © 2006 by the College of Education is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International which allows copying, distribution and transmission in any form, provided that the text is attributed to its owner and a statement of the modifications made to it.

The Scientific Journal of the College of Education is concerned with raising the level of solid scientific research to enhance the capabilities of researchers, authors, readers, and arbitrators.

- The journal follows the journal systems policy of open access to scientific research.

- Researchers always retain copyright. The research is licensed under an open Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, which means that anyone may download and read the research for free. It is also permissible to reuse and quote the research provided that the original published source is cited. These conditions allow maximum use of the researcher's work and presentation.

- Sources of support for the magazine include personal sources from published research fees.

The scientific journal of the College of Education, Dhamar University, was established in 2006.

- The scientific journal adopts the publishing mechanism in open journal systems.

- The Scientific Journal of the College of Education is affiliated with many backup and archiving systems, such as: LOCKSS or CLOCKSS, DOI,PKP, and others.

- Scientific research may be sent to the journal’s website in the name of the Chairman of the Editorial Board. For inquiries, please email the following: journal_sei_edu2006@tu.edu.ye
Faculty of Education - Thamar University - Republic of Yemen