The Rapport between Gender, Society and Language

The Rapport between Gender, Society and Language


  • Samiha Ahmed Bin Salman كلية الآداب - جامهة المهرة



gender, gender identity, gender roles, language, sex, society


This article reviews how gender and society interact in linguistic, social, and epistemic contexts to produce various structures that set one gender group apart from another. Gender, to some extent, influences word choice and the use of particular language patterns. However, society and culture are extremely important in differentiating male and female interactions, whether within the same gender group or in cross-gender encounters. This is explained by the fact that people are socially constituted. Depending on reviewing the approaches to gender and language, the conclusion reached was that men and women speak in distinct ways. It was noticed that women are corrected or mocked at if they seek to express themselves aggressively or use language that is similar to that of men because it is thought to be inconsistent with their personality. Male and female social power dynamics are thought to be the cause of this discrepancy. Men's interactions, for instance, are frequently marked by interruptions, silences during conversations, and unintentional conduct. This is due to the perception that men and women come from different cultures, leading to the description of interactions between men and women as cross-cultural communication rather than cross-sex conversation. However, depending on certain circumstances (variables), it is sometimes permissible for a person to behave in accordance with the gender group they are confronting.

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Samiha Ahmed Bin Salman, كلية الآداب - جامهة المهرة

كلية الآداب - جامعة المهرة

The Rapport between Gender, Society and Language



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Samiha Ahmed Bin Salman. (2023). The Rapport between Gender, Society and Language: The Rapport between Gender, Society and Language. Journal of the Faculty of Education, 12(19), 400–432.




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